Great E-Cover Creation in 5 Steps

There are several graphic software packages available to help you create your own e-covers for your product or service. Most provide you with a set of templates to choose from, and have varying degrees to allow you to modify the templates provided. Regardless of which package you're using there are 5 other important steps to consider when design an e-book cover, graphics for a software package or other product graphics.

These five steps deal with the effect you want your graphic to have on your prospect. Each step is briefly described below.

Identify the desire, need or fear your product or service affects. Many people attempting to sell their products on the internet aren't aware of a basic fact of marketing on or off the internet. That fact is ? People buy based upon their emotions. Next they justify the purchase with logic or benefits. Your graphics should satisfy the emotional desire. It should be a visual of their desire being met, their need being filled, or their fears being calmed. Once the emotion that your product or service is serving is identified. Begin to list possible visuals to show this action.

Choose the colors to enhance the emotions you want to evoke Now that you have a general idea of the graphics you want, you should consider the colors you will use. Make sure the colors appropriately trigger the desired emotion. Use this thought process when choosing the picture, the background color and even the color of the type.

Create the picture of your prospect fulfilling his desire, filling his need, or calming his fear. Arrange the title, background color, style, and the picture to come together into a smooth and powerful creation radiating the satisfied emotions of your prospect. Place the cover in the most effective area of your website and other areas where you advertise. This step is simple and straightforward.

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