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Making Good Websites that Stand Out

Websites, there's literally billions of them out there in cyber-space. How many of them do you go to and just think this is boring, bland, or hard to use? It seems like too many to mention.

How To Set Up A Professional Website On Your Own Using Web Templates

To create professional websites is not an easy task by any means. There are many things that you got to take into consideration like easy navigation, strategic links, clean coding, professional layout, easy downloading, scanability, usability and so on.

A Website Checklist

If you've just finished building your new website (or revamping your old one), how can you be sure it's "ready for prime time"? Or maybe your site's been around for awhile and you think it may be due for a makeover. Because Web technologies, techniques and standards change so rapidly, even a website that seems "cutting edge" when it's built can look obsolete a year later.

Design and building Your Website to Save You Money

Does your website make you any money? Does it SAVE you any money?Websites are more than just marketing tools, out there in Cyber-Land effortlessly promoting you and your products. While that's great, why not use that same website to save yourself some money?How? Well, while I don't know your particular situation, I can provide you with some thought-provoking ideas that you can take back to your web designer for more input.

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6 Reasons Why Web Designing is Not a Dying Profession
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There has been a tremendous evolution in the practice of web design over the last two decades. Even some of the critics prophesying about the dead of web designing as a profession still comes to the conclusion that the work of designers will continue ...


Three basic practices of responsive web design
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6 Startup Web Design Trends to Consider
In the age of social media, every startup needs a website. Even if your business doesn't sell online services or products, a website can serve as your company's home, help you market, allure investors, and work as a 24/7 online salesmen. Why? Despite ...

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The Psychology of Web Design
Business 2 Community
Not many business owners waste time on thinking about the psychology of their website design. Typically, they'll ask that a website is designed to match the color palette of their logo and marketing material, and wind up with a template-like website ...

NetOne360 Named Best Web Design Company on CrowdReviews ...
SANTA FE, NM --(Marketwired - September 24, 2016) - CrowdReviews.com, a platform for online service reviews, has named NetOne360 as the best web ...

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UofSC Blog (press release) (blog)

Web designer forges path, helps others find theirs
UofSC Blog (press release) (blog)
... find their way in an internet-driven world, too. In addition to launching his own web design firm, Period Three, in 2003, he and fellow Carolina alum Jay Barry produce web conferences throughout the country through their design platform Unmatched ...

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What is Inbound Marketing Web Design?
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Inbound marketing's goal is to get a prospect's attention and bring them to your website. But a clunky late '90s-style website may have the opposite effect, chasing potential customers away from a business. It may be that the site just isn't ...

Blacksburg web design firms ACI and IDD merge after 20 years ...
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Two 20-year-old Blacksburg web design businesses announced a merger Wednesday as Automation Creations acquired Interactive Design and Development.

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Intuitive Names for Intelligent Web Design: The Grid Integrates Uniregistry's Domain Names
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Sharing a similar spirit and design philosophy, The Grid allows its users to build a website in minutes, from either a mobile device or desktop computer. Updating websites built with The Grid can be as simple as posting a picture or new content. Under ...

The WebAwards Recognize HeBS Digital's Industry-Leading Technology and Website Design with 7 Awards, Including ...
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HeBS Digital is proud to announce the receipt of seven WebAwards from the Web Marketing Association in the Hotel and Lodging category, including the top award in its category, the Best Hotel and Lodging Website designation for TsogoSun.com. The firm ...

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